TrendyCove™ Stainless Steel Marinade Meat Injector

TrendyCove™ Stainless Steel Marinade Meat Injector

TrendyCove™ Stainless Steel Marinade Meat Injector

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How many times have you prepared a roast turkey, BBQ'd steak or grilled chicken only to find it dry and flavorless? Frustrating, right?
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TrendyCove™ Marinade Meat Injector ensures you never have to settle for dry or bland food.  With a practical and functional design, it penetrates deep to deliver optimum flavor infusion throughout. 

Dual Functions - Meat tenderization & flavor enhancement at the same time!

Easy Flavor Enhancing - Built-in Plunger releases Marinade into meat via 3 Needle-like applicators. It allows quick saturation of the interior of food with flavor enhancing ingredients

Meat Tenderizing - 27 stainless steel needles and 3 stainless steel needle injectors break the structure of the meat with ease, giving it a tender taste

Higher Cooking Efficiency - Enjoy deeper and quicker penetration of marinades up to 40% reduced cooking time!


The needles puncture any meat or poultry with ease, ensuring you can enrich the taste of tough or thick cuts. Be a cooking master with this injector for home kitchen & outdoor barbecue party now!

Even Heating - Quicker cook throughout chicken and other meats with uneven thicknesses

Stainless Steel Design - Made of durable 304 stainless steel

Wide Applications - Perfect for intensifying the flavor of roasts, steaks, chops, brisket, pork, chicken and more

Safety Lock - Flavor injector is simply disassembled and cleaned for repeated use; meat tenderizer needle has a safe lock



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